Our house…in the middle of our street

This is our hacienda in all its glory. Top left is the kitchen ‘storage’ and I use that term lightly. Daily grocery shopping is my life. Next is the view of the eating area from the front foyer. Top right is our bedroom…that’s my bed by the deck. Notice the laundry drying on the curtain rod. Electricity is expensive = air drying. Middle left is the bath/shower room–shared by 7 people. The idea is to clean yourself first then soak in the tub. Seeing as we’re not Japanese that doesn’t happen. Middle right photo is the living area and eating area also shared by seven people though most of the girls hang out in their rooms. Note the couches. This is a big deal. Many apartments don’t have such large spaces and definitely no couches. When I was here in 1990-91 I lived without a couch the whole time. Too old now for that sitting on the floor stuff. I make sure to sit on the couch at least once a day to express my gratitude. Bottom left is the washing machine which is immediately adjacent to the shower room. Next is me at the top of the stairs just by our bedroom door. Next is the entry hall with shoe storage (no shoes in the house) and finally, last but not least is one of our two toilet rooms. We’re in Shibuya which is a decent area and this apartment (flower shop on the bottom floor) is probably worth about $2 million dollars….


  1. Tried sending a note earlier – about 2am (now 7:20 and, no, I haven’t been to bed yet). Anyway, what’s the square footage and please tell me you’re not cleaning up after all these girls. If you have them all there at the same time, snap a pic and post. Love to see the competition!


    1. I’m not sure exactly what the square footage is but I’d guess it at about 700 at the most…. Here’s a link to Satoru’s International page. http://www.satorujapan.co.jp/ncgi2/international.cgi We share with Debora and Andressa from Brazil who speak Portugese and Adela from Prague and Dasha from Russia–who speak Polish as a common language. I feel like such a monoglot 😉 We’ll probably be getting a new girl soon as there’s an empty bed. The other model apartment is in Asakusa (I think) and there are two American girls there with parents (Gwen and Abby) and Agne, Greta and a couple other girls (not sure who).


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