About Me

As you can see from my collage of Moo cards I’m a writer and communicator as well as a mother, a dog owner and a traveller. From a young age I’ve always enjoyed sharing stories and information via the written word and through photographs. Having a child has allowed me to see the world framed through her eyes  and consequently, affected the stories and information I want to share as my life is no longer about only me. Not that that is a bad thing…it’s just different. And in the end, it’s always about the story whether you’re the main character or cast in a supporting role.

UPDATE: The child is now a young adult and I’m an empty-nester so it’s a little bit more about me now than it was before 😉

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  1. Hi there. I thought I would reach out to you as we have a lot in common. We are from Vancouver where my daughter, Farrah, currently attends Rockridge in West Van (we live on Bowen Island). Like Karis, my daughter is also with Elite NYC. As well, we also spent last summer in Tokyo where she modeled for Parfe. I also think that Karis danced for Debbie Lee (as did Farrah) and you know my sister in law Tracey Fuller (Frisbee). Given that we seem to have an unbelievable amount in common, I thought I would reach out to you. Would welcome any opportunity to touch base. Feel free to send me an email meredithcormier@gmail.com



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