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UPDATE: Please read below to see the history of the blog if you’re interested. I fulfilled the goal I set for myself when I started the blog in that I posted every day whilst living in Japan with Karis. Coming home was a drag after having a marvelous sabbatical from real life. However, being a writer, one needs to write and a blog is a marvelous discipline so I decided to keep on posting as I’m still a mother—though Karis resists most attempts at parenting—at least I still have the dog and a lot of good stories I haven’t written yet.

ORIGINAL: To be honest, it seemed a little pompous to write a blog about my life as it isn’t actually that interesting; however, it ended up being a good idea for a variety of reasons. The main one being that I was heading to Tokyo with my daughter in July 2014 and might have something worth sharing besides the expected laments of parenting a teenage girl. So at the urging of some friends (you know who you are), I took the plunge.

In case you’re wondering about the title…often when I am picking up my daughter (a bit of a career at this point in my life), I text her to let her know that “the mothership has arrived.” Using Tales from the Mothership as a title seemed to fit because it doesn’t limit me to writing only about Japan as much as Model and Mother in the Land of the Rising Sun or Model Mum Takes Tokyo would have. Also it’s probably the least offensive to the child.

The world of instant communication didn’t exist when I travelled back in the day. I wrote in a journal in the time-honoured fashion. In my house, there are numerous stained and worn travel journals, stuffed with museum tickets, postcards, business cards, advertisements and little drawings; also phone numbers and addresses of long ago travelling companions. I’m not sure I’m ready to give up on the creation of a physical artifact, but I’ll give this blog thing a whirl. I hope you are entertained, inspired and/or educated; perhaps recognize some common ‘parenting a teenager’ scenarios and maybe learn a bit about places we’ve travelled or the ups and downs of mothering a model. Feel free to leave comments or questions 🙂


    1. She gets a text the night before that tells her how many castings she has the next day and what time she has to be at the agency. The agency has two apartments so the girls usually just meet at the agency and get driven around in a fancy van-like thing. Not all the girls go to all the castings so sometimes they have to wait. The times seem to vary widely but so far, they’re not really morning people…earliest call has been 11:45 and the latest 7:30. She seems to be out most evenings at least until 7…makes the dinner thing a little challenging. She’s usually too tired to eat once she gets home.


  1. So happy that you’ve started this blog…..keeps us closer to you while you’re away. Keep collecting your tickets, post- and business cards, and advertisements as they can be added to various blank pages scattered throughout a hardcover book you can create when your summer is finished. What wonderful memories you can share with Karis – I’m thinking perfect Christmas gift (for your Mom, too).


    1. Thanks my dear. Got a pile of stuff already and did my first ‘tourist’ thing today. Totally by accident but that doesn’t count 😉
      Went to the 45th floor of one of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government buildings that has an observatory. Quite the view! No lineups either…guess people thought it was closed on Sunday.


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